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Our Village and Historie

Tis a fine summer's day in 1581. You have entered the village of Depford, England, a hamlet filled with folk of wisdom and wit. The village is governed by the legendary Lord Baron de Bourbon, who has determined that the village will be a model of progressive thought, and unlike England as a whole, practice the unusual traits of tolerance of all religions, equality of gender and station, and cleanliness. The villagers invite others to share their excitement as they prepare for the arrival of Queen Elizabeth I.

Word is spreading far and wide by sailors, who have put into port at Depford, of the arrival of Francis Drake. The nobleman is anxious about the current conflict with Spain and concerned as to why the queen has insisted that he be present at court this day. Gossip has it that he is being accused of stealing precious jewels.

The patrons can become actively involved in the attempt to solve the mystery concerning the whereabouts of the famous privateer, Francis Drake. It seems that Drake has entered into an agreement with the Irish Pirate Queen, Gracie O'Malley from county Mayo, as well as with sire Robert Dudley, the favorite of Queen Elizabeth I.

Drake, so it seems, has promised the booty from a Spanish galleon which he captured under letters of marque issued by Elizabeth, to not only Gracie O'Malley, but to Dudley as well. Actually, Drake plans to keep the treasure for himself, and is in hiding somewhere in the village. Naturally enough, both O'Malley and Dudley are out to find him before the Queen, who is ready to relieve him of his head if he doesn't come across with the booty promised the Crown!

Various clues to the whereabouts of Drake will be offered to the faire-goers. Prizes and Royal Favors will be given to those who are able to solve the mystery and discover the idenity of the real Francis Drake.

Join us to see what happens to Drake!

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