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Thank you to all the volunteers of the 3rd Annual Illinois Renaissance Faire, who have given freely of their time, talents and resources.
Your dedication to the Faire was greatly appreciated!

Interested in volunteering
at the Illinois Renaissance Faire?

Hast thou an interest in indulging thyself further into the Ren-Faire experience? Mayhaps thou shouldst consider becoming a volunteer at the 4th Annual Illinois Renaissance Faire in Danville, Illinois.

Volunteers are the very backbone of an event like this. Without our noble staff of volunteers, we would not be able to put on the show that we are seeking to present.

Volunteers are needed in nearly every aspect of the Faire.
From behind the scenes: carpenters, painters and runners.
To people who deal more with the public: parking, box office personnel, greeters, booth attendants and villagers of all sorts.
No experience is necessary... just a willingness to help out.

All we have to offer is experience in an entertainment performance environment, complementary tickets for your use or to give to friends or family, and our heartfelt gratitude, and several days of fun, playing in the past!

Individuals who participate must have a picture ID and attend the Volunteer Orientation before the faire opens. Everyone is welcome!

If you would like to learn more about volunteering, please contact JoMarie Dugan, Faire Director, who will match your skills and interests with our volunteer needs.

JoMarie Dugan, Faire Director

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